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Writing a story clipart of flowers

So many of the house pictures in my inspiration files are Georgian, and I still love and appreciate this style. However, as much as I love Georgian style homes, over the past year I have found myself gravitating to homes with a French influence.

It seems like more of a natural fit given the elements I like on the inside of a house: This is the house that was a turning point for me. I first saw it early last year on a Dallas realtor site, and just found it again on a new blog, Period Homes. I love everything about this beautiful house - the soft colors, the gray slate roof, the symmetry, the path to the front door, the wonderful proportions, the rounded dormer windows in the roof.

writing a story clipart of flowers

It was built inyet its classic form is still beautiful in Also, it is writing a story clipart of flowers a dramatic departure from the Georgian homes I posted last year. I don't really see too many homes like this in my area of Atlanta; many of the two story French style homes in Buckhead seem to be much larger and much grander than this.

Although it sounds like my interest in French inspired homes suddenly formed sometime over the past year, in truth I have had an interest in French style architecture for years. I remember seeing this picture above in the Betty Lou Phillips book 'Provencal Interiors'and thinking it was beautiful.

This is the back of a home designed by architect A. Hays Town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hays Town was called the "premier architect of the South" in his day. I did a post of French Normandy architecture early in picture above is from this post, Pak Heydt Architectsso already the interest in French architecture was getting reignited.

As I learned while writing both the post on Normandy architecture and this post, French inspired architecture is an incredibly broad category. It is nearly impossible to categorize French style because it is so diverse. So, what kind of French homes are inspiring me now?

Many older red brick ranch and Georgian style homes are being painted white or cream mostly one story houses, but some two story houseslarge shutters and new front doors are being added, roofs are being reshaped, and large gas lanterns are being hung.

The home pictured above was a s ranch that was taken down to the studs and redone to a high standard; I was able to see the inside of this home when it was on the market last year, and it was eye opening how nice and fresh a well done renovation could look and feel.

Here is another high quality renovation, this time of a s ranch home. I was able to go in this home many years ago on a tour of homes, and thought of it when I was writing this post.

I love the shutters on the front and the rounded dormers on the roof, and the small round windows on the wings of the house. I recently found another superbly done renovation in the French style pictured above; one picture is the professional version used with permissionthe other is my iphone picture.

It is a renovation of a ranch house, and the architect is Stan Dixon. This project won the prestigious Shutze Award named for Philip Trammell Shutze, one of Atlanta's finest 20th century architects in for a residence under 4, square feet.

According to the notes for this house, it was a prime candidate for French provincial style given the existing home already had a steep pitched hip roof and French doors across the front.

Among the many changes that were implemented were custom doors and windows designed and proportioned to reflect the French style, a new limestone entry portico, new dormer windows, and a dining pavilion in the front of the home.

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The inside of the house was taken down to the studs and renovated as well. Here is a close up of the home.

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Architect Stan Dixon pays close attention to scale and proportion when designing his homes, and even the smallest of details are superb and historically accurate. I love the lanterns flanking the door, and the shape of the French door on the dining pavilion. Another renovated house in Atlanta, done in French style.

Many of the renovated French style homes I see have a central structure, then two symmetrical wings that jut out from the house. This house was always French inspired style built in the sand the architect who drew up the plans for the renovation redid the windows and emphasized the French elements already there.

The landscaping was also redone to emphasize the French style. This home is in an Atlanta neighborhood built in the s, and most of the lots in this neighborhood are wide and at least 1 acre.Writing Book Clip Art - Animated Writing Cliparts Png Download - free, high quality writing clipart on ashio-midori.com Cliparts and extras for teachers, students and parents by teachers and designers!

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