Worm composting business plan

Not delegating Over Selling Your Worms As you've learned here on the blog and in more depth in my Worm Farm Manual, worm reproduction takes a certain amount of time. And you need to keep a certain amount of worms on hand, in you worm beds, who are busy laying eggs for your future worm sales.

Worm composting business plan

Before starting the business I would like to draw up a business plan. Just the fact that you intend to put together a business plan is a huge step forward, and greatly increases your changes for success. This is a VERY important topic, and one that can often be glossed over or forgotten about in the excitement of getting a new business set up.

Sitting down and writing out a plan certainly sounds like a daunting endeavour, and a lot more dry and boring than many of the other tasks one needs to tackle early on. Some people get bogged down by the apparent enormity of it all — assuming it has to be perfect, with all the details set in stone before any further actions can be taken.

Others likely avoid the task as a result of being terrified of what they might learn. You will be VERY glad you did.

The Vermicomposting Specialists...

Here are just SOME of the potential reasons for creating a proper business plan: Here are some of the sections you might consider including in a worm farming business plan: It is especially important if you are trying to secure funding from investors, grants etc, since it allows others to quickly determine what you are trying to do and how you are planning to do it.

Are you going to sell — worms? All of the above? What is your overall plan of attack 8 Financial — Breakdown of all the various estimated costs associated with your business 9 Conclusions — Provides you with the opportunity to review the info presented, highlight some of the potential challenges, and offer your final thoughts re: I hope that at least helps get the wheels turning for some of you!A few weeks ago we caught a behind-the-scenes glimpse at an industrial composting operation.

But it's not just regular composting that's going mainstream. Vermicomposting, or . Worm excreta might be called “black gold” by those in the business, but the poop of Eisenia fetida has yet to catch the eye of the United States Treasury.

Squiggle Worm buy-back programs have been around off and on since the s. The VermBin24 (VB24) is a single-compartment, flow-through bin designed for those who want to experience the joys of truly effective vermicomposting, without the need to buy or build a professional system..

While it’s small enough to fit in a wide range of indoor or outdoor locations, the VB24 is still larger than most typical “worm bins”.

worm composting business plan

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Business Plan for Worm Farming