The value of diversity

We firmly believe that we can best promote excellence by recruiting and retaining a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff and by creating a climate of respect that is supportive of their success. This climate for diversity, inclusion, and excellence is critical to attaining the best research, scholarship, teaching, health care, and other strategic goals of the Health System and the University. Taken together these values are recognized and supported fully by the Johns Hopkins Institutions leadership at all levels.

The value of diversity

The Center specializes in providing these services to agencies throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. There are over nationally certified REACH trainers located throughout the United States and Australia who have established records in public speaking, group facilitation, program and curriculum development, as well as conducted research and training in the area of multicultural education and ethnic history.

Through its quality services, the Center creates learning experiences for schools and districts which inspire and empower people to participate in their own personal growth, as well as involve them in activities that: Connect participants with current concepts, resources and information.

Promote cultural self-awareness and understanding.

The value of diversity

Examine the basic components and the historical, institutional power of the "isms" -racism, sexism, elitism, etc. Engage in cross-cultural learning activities which help gain in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of different ethnic and cultural groups. Provide a conceptual framework and practical strategies for dealing effectively with implementing multicultural concepts and activities into schools and classrooms through the use of age-appropriate curricula.

The REACH Vision Statement We are committed to systemic social change and the development of schools and communities which honor and value human diversity. I saw their academic achievement levels rise. Children who feel valued and worthwhile are children better ready, and able, to learn.

I have worked in this field for a quarter of a century and I find that the REACH principles and practices help immensely in creating substantive community change.

The Center has helped hundreds of school districts respond to the diversity issues within their local communities, and beyond, in a way that builds co-responsibility.While employees have different intrinsic beliefs about the value of diversity, an organization can focus on the value of leveraging diversity as a business asset.

(Ref 1 page 1) This approach acknowledges a changed American workplace, one more diverse in terms .

The Real Value of Diversity: A Student Perspective

Diversity is a fundamental value of the association and its members, and one of ALA's Key Action Areas. The Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services drives activities around three professional issues which collectively support equity and inclusion as fundamental values of the association.

Relationships and major initiatives undertaken by the Office across these three issues help. NSW Public Sector Capability Framework. Central to workforce performance are the capabilities – the knowledge, skills and abilities that public sector employees .

Our diversity and inclusion work

In our classrooms, students and teachers see the value of diversity throughout the semester. As David Kelley of IDEO and the Stanford Design School has noted time .

Snapshots of our Values. We have partnered with various artists to depict the value that BCGers bring to the world and to each other.

Pride Festival showcases value of diversity and unity |

The photographers at Magnum Photos and EyeEm Imagery captured moments that represent BCG as a firm and the business themes that drive our work. The United States is a diverse country. Companies lucky enough to have a workforce as diverse as the population find themselves armed with many perspectives, views and ideas that add strength to.

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