Susan elizabeth george essay

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Susan elizabeth george essay

I have no children in elementary school, high school, or college whose education I must worry about.

Susan elizabeth george essay

I have no son or daughter who would be sent into a foreign country to fight a war. I own my own house.

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I own my own car. I have zero debt. And I am long past child bearing age. On the night of the election, I was in London, and I remained there for eight days afterwards. Every day I received the Guardian newspaper in front of my door, and every day I read it cover to cover.

Each issue had between six to ten articles on the election. One day there was a sixteen page pull-out analyzing it. I could see first hand how important the US is to Great Britain. What impressed me was the depth of the articles, and the lengths the journalists had gone to in order to analyze and to understand how and why Donald Trump had won.

Susan elizabeth george essay

They explained everything to the English reader: British television also covered the story in those ensuing days, and I watched their reports. Two in particular struck me.

They were made in the first days following the election and both of them consisted of interviews with people in the most stricken of American cities and towns. These were places where people are living without hope, where all they want is their lives back and their jobs back.

One man was from a dying town in Texas, where he used to work in the oil fields. One woman was from a Midwest city, where manufacturing no longer exists. They were people who wanted to be able to work again, and they said that they were willing to give Donald Trump a chance because he promised he was going to bring their jobs back.

In those moments, I saw the country as those people saw the country from their ramshackle houses and their single wide trailers, and it was not a place of promise for them nor, probably, had it ever been so.

These were people who simply wanted to work in order to buy food, repair their houses, and pay their bills. Do I think their situation will be different now? No, I absolutely do not.

As Trump appoints his billionaire cronies to positions of power, every day I doubt more that he has at heart the interests of anyone stricken by poverty, joblessness, and lack of education. But I absolutely forgive those people for how they voted. They voted because of a single issue, and I get that issue in a way I never did before now.

I know several men who vote for president every four years purely on the single issue of abortion. If the candidate says he is against abortion, then the candidate gets their vote. Or maybe they believe that the LGBTQ community does not have equal rights with others and definitely not the right to marry.

Or perhaps they believe that Planned Parenthood should not be allowed to provide contraception to women in poverty and to teenage girls. My point is this: Yes, the people desperate for jobs voted out of self-interest, but they are just that: So far, Donald Trump has met with three Indian businessmen about his new Trump towers in India, and he has not—nor does he apparently intend to — put his business interests into a blind trust.

So far Donald Trump has indicated that for the President of the US, there is no conflict of interest even possible. No and no and no and no.

I will not make this the new normal. If at some horrible point in the future, Muslims are told that they must register, I intend to register as a Muslim and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Normal is that our culture has always consisted of all cultures blending together.

Normal is actually standing for something and drawing a line in the sand across which racial hatred, religious intolerance, sexual aggression, misogyny, fascism, Nazism, white supremacy, Hitler salutes, the Ku Klux Klan, and LGBTQ persecution dare not cross.Susan Elizabeth George Essay example Susan Elizabeth George is a competent British author with a rich background.

She wrote many distinguished books and won numerous awards, which all began when she was a teacher at El Toro High School. Susan Elizabeth George is an American author who writes mystery novels set in the backdrop of Great Britain.

A former English teacher, the author’s work is known for its exquisite details and characterization. Elizabeth George is a communications director in Louisville, Kentucky. She continues to feed her curiosity about world cultures through frequent travel with her husband and two daughters. Donate.

Elizabeth George was born Susan Elizabeth George in Warren, Ohio, and grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Later, she lived in Orange County in Southern California. While a . GIVE THE GOP A LANDSLIDE VICTORY.

If you’re anything like me, you’re more than ready for this election to be over. You’ve watched it unfold for months on end, and during the unfolding you’ve been turned this way and that, not knowing whom to believe about what.

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