Reita gadkari business plan

Tweet When the Owl and the Pussycat opened its doors on 15 Decemberlittle was known as to what to expect. Today, it is the buzz about town especially in Galle and neighbouring resort areas. Owners — Reita Gadkari London and Italy and Shane Thantirimudalige Galle both property developers, have created a hotel that offers sophistication with a lively seaside atmosphere and access to an unparalleled experience with a Sri Lankan and international flavour.

Reita gadkari business plan

September 25, It was a reflection of their indomitable spirit To win awards is not impossible; all it takes is effort. To make a child smile is worth all that effort and more. And to empower a child to grow up to be a happy, healthy individual qualified to face the world is even better.

This is something that various charity organisations around the world have been trying to do, many with a focus on the underprivileged masses in India. Pratham is a global, award-winning non-governmental organisation, perhaps the largest of its kind, supporting the cause of literacy in India, with an eye on about 34 million youngsters in 22 Indian states.

On the date that made the world wake up and look at terrorism from a new perspective, September 11, Pratham UK recently launched ARTiculate, a fundraising event rooted in art and design, promoting the creative efforts of about 8, children and a great many Indian artisans from 15 different states.

This year was extra-special, an illuminating concept, literally and figuratively. Drawn on by children from the Pratham projects, the paper has been cut into individual screens by master craftsmen specialising in Saanjhi, the traditional Indian art of paper cutting, and then put together to make an enormous inverted pyramid that hangs from the ceiling and is lighted up from within.

reita gadkari business plan

This work was auctioned at ARTiculate and ten miniature replicas were made available for sale. The impact had to be through a definite but simple message that would stay in the minds of the guests.

It is all about the land called India, its uniqueness of diversity co-existing with deep traditional values, languages, styles of living and modern lifestyle.

KAARU found it easy to put together a team for the project, since the consultancy already worked with over 1, master craftspeople from all over the country, Chatterjee explains.

One component joins the other and has a multiple effect. The children worked on them with their writings, poems, doodles, scratch marks, drawings and much more over almost six months. These came back to us as magical paintings, drawings and writings.

Intricate design These sheaves of paper were then sent to our master craftsmen, a community of over artisans, who still practice the art of paper cutting by hand. They hand-stencilled over 15, sheaves of selected drawings, paintings and writings with beautiful screen patterns that were brought back to KAARU, fire treated with chemicals and then assembled in larger panels.

These panels were integrated as a skin over an inverted pyramidal shape achieved with a complex web of stainless steel members and cables, finally to be hung from the roof of the Old Billingsgate Market. Design here works as a catalyst to bring an important issue like educating every child into focus.

Touched by hands and heart Art has become a very important part of charity fundraising. How do you choose the works you showcase and then auction? Sumita Kumar, Committee Member, Pratham UK Art has broad appeal to all people and the roaring success of the Indian Art market in the past decade has made it an obvious part of charity fundraising.

Importantly, we look for those artists and dealers who are willing to collaborate with Pratham over the long haul.P3Ps attend the anniversary celebrations of a business hotel.

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Hyderabad. Amin Jaffar and Reita Gadkari during Raj and Priyanka Gill diwali party at hotel Claridges. 04 / 5. Raj and Priyanka. Reita says that this poem was a favourite childhood poem of hers and as an adult she often gets pleasure in reading the Nonsensical poems again and again, in particular The Owl and the Pussycat.

Reita Gadkari, Trustee, Pratham UK: We had spoken to space designers to create a dramatic look at Old Billingsgate Market, which is a stunning and cavernous location.

They suggested items from. Business; Follow Us: Home. Nonsensical and creative. 27 January, 0. by Mahes Perera But this is Folly land where folly is the plan, Kudos to the Chairperson Reita Gadkari and the Co-Chair Shane Thantirimudalige for their passion in poetry and their belief that Sri Lankan young writers have the talent to express nonsensical ideas.

Amin Jaffar and Reita Gadkari during Raj and Priyanka Gill diwali party at hotel Claridges. ()-() P3Ps attend the anniversary celebrations of a business hotel.


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In that case, one can a slight change in the name of RITA and spell it as Reita. Now let us look at the numeric value: R+E+I+T+A= 2+5+1+4+1=13 which is 1+3=4.

Also, one has to keep in mind that Numerology works even on a Business entity name. Readers can write to me for any such advice.

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