Protecting the daintree rainforest essay

Daintree River ringtail possums are almost wholly restricted to the Daintree catchment. The musky rat-kangaroo is often active during the day. Pied imperial pigeons arrive in large numbers around August. One of Cape Tribulation's most fascinating birds is the southern cassowary.

Protecting the daintree rainforest essay

Home Rainforest Primer 3. Why preserve the tropical rainforests of the world? Rainforests have a measure of control over many aspects of our environment, and are responsible for much of the terrestrial productivity. There is the potential to discover many new foods, domestic animals, industrial products, and medicines in rainforests.

The Four Layers of the Rainforest

Most obviously, rainforests are a source of valuable timber — mahogany, ebony, hard wood dipterocarps from Southeast Asia, and many others less well known. Wood has many properties desirable to humans and animals. It is hard, durable, resistant to many organisms such as fungi, resistant to water, useful as fuel including charcoal and as construction material.

But in addition, many rainforest plants produce insecticides, herbicides and fungicides which could be useful to humans.

Protecting the daintree rainforest essay

For example, leaf-cutter ants will not remove leaves from the tree species Hymenaea courbaril because its leaves produce a fungicide which will kill the fungus the ants cultivate in their gardens Robinson, Capuchin monkeys in Venezuela rub themselves with millipedes Orthotomus dorsovittatus which secrete benzoquinones, noxious compounds which repel mosquitoes Angier, The massaging may even become a social ritual, with monkeys mutually massaging each other.

A number of plants and trees in the rainforest have proved useful as producers of medicines, and many drugs have been found in the pharmaceuticals of tropical medicine men. Quinine, the first known antimalarial, comes from a neotropical tree, and curare, used as a poison for arrow tips by indigenous peoples in the Neotropics, is also useful for heart conditions.

Most of the medicines from forests have been derived from plants, but many others come from fungi, bacteria and reptiles snakes.

E. Why preserve the tropical rainforests of the world? « Rainforest Conservation Fund

Others remain to be discovered, since less than 0. It is difficult, however, for a tropical country to receive benefits from the development of pharmaceuticals from their rainforests. As we continue to deplete the organisms on earth and homogenize our genetic resources, we increasingly need sources of genetic variability.

Since rainforests are so amazingly diverse, they can provide a vast reservoir of genetic potential. Without such genetic resources, we will have no way of improving breeding stocks of plants and animals. All of our domestic plants and animals came from wild antecedents which have been altered by interbreeding and selected for traits which are favorable for human use.

E. Why preserve the tropical rainforests of the world? « Rainforest Conservation Fund

As we reduce or eradicate our gene pools, our sources of variability decline dangerously. This is both local and global. Rainforests stabilize water flow, maintain water quality, provide watersheds, and regulate runoff of water from soil.

In doing so, they prevent flooding, erosion, landslides, and desertification. Erosion is one hundred times greater on deforested than on forested slopes, for example. Rainforests modify atmospheric chemistry e. Rainforests have an influence on rainfall patterns.Essay on Protecting the Daintree Rainforest - 1.

Destroying the habitat of different plants and animals, they no longer have a place to live.

Features of Rainforests

Their food source and nutrients are taken away and have nowhere else to go. These organisms will die out and there will be a loss in the diversity of that ecosystem. “66, square miles of rainforest is estimated to disappear every year, due to deforestation.

At this rate the entire earths rainforests will be demolished in 20 years. Currently the forests. Keeping rainforest standing is the simplest and cheapest way to mitigate climate change.

Despite this, we are destroying the world’s rainforest at a faster rate than ever. “Nature can be our strongest ally in combatting climate change.

Save the Daintree rainforest The Daintree Rainforest is of international conservation importance as one of the most significant regional ecosystems in the world. Many people assumed that the creation of the Daintree National Park and subsequent World Heritage Listing in would secure the unique environment of the Daintree rainforest.

Essay on The Daintree Rainforest - The Daintree Rainforest, one of the oldest rainforests in the world, is part of the Wet Tropics of North Queensland, Australia. This square kilometer, or approximately square mile, rainforest is home to plant species. The search for potential medicines and drugs (“chemical prospecting”) is a strong argument for rainforest preservation.

It is difficult, however, for a tropical country to receive benefits from the development of pharmaceuticals from their rainforests.

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