Professional editing services fictional characters

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Professional editing services fictional characters

What genres do you edit? Our content editors specialize in speculative fiction: However, their primary focus during any content edit is universal storytelling principles that apply to all genres.

Our copy editors work on all genres, fiction and non-fiction. Do you edit scripts or other non-book media? One of our content editors, Oren, has experience with a wide variety of media, including: However, they are intended to benefit an outside audience, not the writer themself.

It gives the most bang for your buck, and it prevents you from missing the forest for the trees. They are pricier per word than a content edit.

Your Final Run-Through

We cannot give them away for free. Can I get a content edit on just the first chapter or two of my novel? Stories must be examined holistically.

However, you can save money by submitting just the beginning of your work in full and a summary of the rest. Can I get a content edit before I start my first draft?

Just make sure that: The outline focuses on details that would be written in a draft, such as the events that occur and how the point of view character feels.

If you have a flashback, put those backstory events where the flashback will be. Please leave out any notes about your goals or intent, such as your chosen theme or message.

On target. On time. Every time.

We no longer work with writers before they have an outline. At such an early stage, the story is too nebulous. Will you be making changes directly to my work? Our content editors do not touch your work. They read it, discuss it with you, and deliver a separate, written report. Our copy editors make changes directly to your piece.

What do your written recommendations look like? Recommendations from our content editors usually run between 2, and 4, words, depending on the length and roughness of the story.Our event services team can fulfill your non-video requirements with lighting, staging and comprehensive audiovisual offerings.


Our mission is to help you optimize live video by providing full-service video solutions for anything from live stream management to full-scale conference video production. How to Pitch Your Non-Fiction Novel Like a Pro Pitching a non-fiction novel is a lot like selling a business idea.

An uphill battle that can be won with plenty of preparation and a great idea. Editors love character synopses, because editors love character-based fiction. Step 6) Check out my best-selling book, How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method. This book is a different kind of teaching tool.

It uses a story to SHOW you how to write a novel, rather than to TELL you how to write a novel. Two Big Myths In Editing a. Our content editors specialize in speculative fiction: fantasy, science fiction, supernatural horror, and related genres.

professional editing services fictional characters

However, they’ve edited a variety of genres, and they’ll accept any kind of fiction for editing. Good scene transitions are vital for making your novel move forward without dragging and to keep you, the author, from giving too much importance to every moment in your characters' lives.

professional editing services fictional characters

Fictional Editing and Proofreading Services Fictional editing consists of having someone go through your written piece, and find all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors throughout your writing.

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