Police report writing apps for android

Crime scene information is superimposed on a Google Map for pinpoint accuracy and can be emailed or printed to be used by other officers. You can create and share custom events, notes, pictures and PDF reports. There is no sensitive information available through this app. To be able to access sensitive information, law enforcement officers can register at www.

Police report writing apps for android

While these ubiquitous devices can be used to communicate, watch movies, and play games, they have also become serious work tools that many officers depend on. A combination of single-purchase apps from developers and enterprise solutions from big companies provide a wide range of ways to enhance your capabilities on the go, whatever your detail may be.

This tablet software solution provides messaging, mapping, inquiry, and police incident reporting, which helps officers improve safety and increase efficiency from the field.

If the signal drops, the solution is designed to ensure that the undercover officer or informant still has a record of the conversation, acting as a digital audio recorder. A data connection is re-established automatically once a signal is available.

Monitors can also send signals through vibrations to the undercover operative that could be used as a warning or an alert. CityConnect is a fully integrated mobile application that allows agencies to inform, connect, and engage with their local community through their own agency-branded mobile application.

It allows the public to stay up to date on local crime information and communicate crime information back to law enforcement officials. Android and iOS CopApp! Calendar Schedule is a simple scheduling app that lets you view which squads work together and when each has days off.

The default schedules are based on 3 squads, with repeating schedules of: You can modify the schedule to make any type of repeating day schedule. You can add, remove, or move days around to create a rotating schedule.

police report writing apps for android

For helpful visuals, you can highlight individual days to help remember days off or court dates, for example. You can also highlight all days when a particular squad is working. Some templates can now be modified and loaded via the Internet.

Android Field Contact Field Contact allows you to document, photograph, search, and share all aspects of your law enforcement contacts using your iPhone. The app makes it simple to enter all pertinent ID information directly into the phone. Then you can use advanced search features to recall stored contacts, including partial searches.

You can add new contacts with numerous law enforcement-specific data fields, but also have the option to use miscellaneous fields for user-defined information. You can even enter multiple vehicles, scars, marks or tattoos, subject-related locations, and stop locations.

Field Contact lets you add photos and enlarge them for in-field recognition, and can e-mail an entire contact to any e-mail address, including photographs. A passcode is required for security.

Their development company, At-Scene, markets smart-phone apps for iPhone and Android.

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With iCrime Fighter you can capture photographs, record videos, record interviews, and write field notes and to-do lists for a crime scene or other event.More than half a million Google Android users have downloaded malware-ridden apps from the Google Play store.

Of the 13 apps, which posed as driving simulation games, two were trending on the store, giving them greater visibility. 9Apps provide best free android apps download. 10,+ users downloaded New York Weather latest version on 9Apps for free every week!

It is an excellent app and the fact it . Despite the popularity of task-killer apps for Android, manually closing running apps doesn't help battery life, a myth recently debunked by both Apple and Google.

20 Common Android Problems Solved. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest i have yureka mobile. when i install any apps on my android the mobile screen blinking, or automatic power off. when i start it again its hang on cyanogen logo.

how i fix it. my Tablet s is no longer writing files or creating the needed folders on the drive. i can. BATH TOWNSHIP, Mich. — In an effort to create a better relationship with their community’s youth, a Michigan police department has thought about changing its squad cars to read “popo.

Apps are pieces of computer software (applications) that allow you to customise your smartphone or tablet. Some apps (eg calendars and calculators) come preloaded on your smartphone and others (eg National public toilet map) can be downloaded from an app store (eg iTunes or Google Play).

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