Othello coursework notes

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Othello coursework notes

Other themes the play deals with includes hatred, racism, betrayal and discrimination. Although Othello is the main protagonist in the play, however, in many ways Iago seems Othello coursework notes be the dominant character.

Iago is presented in complete contrast to Othello, and is the villain of the play. Many critics also see Iago as an intriguing character as he can be unpredictable. At the beginning of the play, it is Iago and Roderigo who are the first on stage, not Othello.

If one were to form an opinion of Othello from this discussion, it would not be a favourable one. Furthermore Roderigo is jealous of the fact that Othello has taken Desdemona as his wife.

In Act 2 Scene 3 of Othello, Iago is presented as the puppeteer, constantly manipulating everyone around him. The scene is set in a castle and opens with Iago trying to get Cassio drunk. Othello Coursework We have so large base of authors that we can prepare a unique summary of any book.

How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Iago motivated by his lust for power is attempting to dispose Cassio of his position as a lieutenant.

The opening scene presents us with a brief exchange of Cassio and Iago controversial analysis on Desdemona. Iago on the other hand has a contrasting view compared to Cassio.

This can portrays his jealousy because Desdemona is an extremely attractive character with a higher noble status than his wife, giving him a reason to hate Othello.

Othello coursework notes

Iago has the opportunity to consider his plans in his soliloquy when Cassio leaves to invite some friends for a drink. One way we can tell the presentation of Iago as a character in Act 2 Scene 3 is through his soliloquies. The first soliloquy in this act shows us how narrow-minded Iago is and lacks emotions or feelings towards the people around him or himself.

H attempts to portray Iago as a more humane character than he really is. Loyalty, love, friendship and guilt are all emotions that make us human. Iago misunderstands this concept of feelings, which leads him to his downfall.

Shakespeare presents Iago with loss of emotional connections in his character show the tragedy of how isolated Iago is. While trying to save Cassio by making excuses for him, Iago endures that Othello will have no other option than to remove him as his position for causing a shameful public display.

Cassio sacked from his lieutenant position, Iago pretends to be a true friend by advising Cassio to seek help from Desdemona to gain his position back.

Shakespeare cleverly portrays Iago as an evil mastermind who appears to aid Cassio, instead manipulating the situation in order to make it appear to Othello that Desdemona has emotions for Cassio when she pleads for his job.

Iago when speaking with Montano, questions Cassio integrity and his position as a Lieutenant. Iago manages to suggest his support and concern for his comrade while at the same time, destroying his credibility and honour.

His hatred dominates him just like he dominates all the other characters. Iago seems to master all the emotions that might affect his facade and never shows a trace of nervousness that intensify the power he has over the characters in the play and his ability to control the situation to his will.Possible Othello Coursework Questions ————————————————- Othello Possible Coursework Questions 1.

Discuss Shakespeare’s presentation of Othello as a tragic hero. 2. Some commentators have claimed that the character of Othello is not admirable enough to be a tragic hero.

Texts to Compare to Othello. Coursework Essay. The Visit – Friedrich Durrenmatt. Duerrenmatt describes "The Visit" as a "tragic comedy" that offers a pessimistic social vision of post-war Europe, and especially of Switzerland’s neutrality during WWII, the rise of.

Race relations in the classroom are explored through the public and private dialogue initiated through the teaching of Othello in an East End comprehensive school. In this time I was told I would be teaching them Othello for a coursework module. I would have nine lessons to do this in.

Othello coursework notes

Notes on Contributor. Spark notes is a website that provides plays and novels so that students can easily read them online, if you want to read Othello for writing Othello research paper than this .

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Othello Coursework. Consider Shakespeare’s Presentation of Iago in Act 2 Scene 3 of ‘Othello’. Othello is one of Shakespeare’s tragedies but also a love story of two lovers.

Shakespeare’s tragic heroes always had at least one main flaw, which contributed to their downfall.

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