Nas speaks on ghost writing companies

At the time, Will was known as "Will 1X". Home 4 tha Sick.

Nas speaks on ghost writing companies

Mega Nas did an awful job of articulating whatever the fuck he was trying to say…. It was actually hard to read this bullshit….

I always thought he was intelligent, but this letter makes me think otherwise.

nas speaks on ghost writing companies

Learn how to write nigga and quit crying. You sound like a bitch right now.

Nas Pens Letter To Def Jam Execs ?

Dot perfect photo for the article. Do we like Souljah boy? The generation you describe is going to look back and only have dance tracks. Have you developed a God complex? A lot of celebrities develop a God complex.

It means that you think you are a messenger of God. Nas is clueless on how he became successful. He is successful because he is a great rapper who has talented people producing beats for him.

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REAL heads need this album! All I can say is that Nas really went in on Def Jams execs. Klomani This is just business vs creativity… the executives are just looking for money, while the artist is looking to bring it to the people… its too bad there arent enough creative minded execs who actually want to work as a team!

A lot of talent goes to waste because the big wigs are always looking for an easy way to make cash! Gaws Best rapper to ever do it! Belize LA Reid, like most people who been around awhile, goin to the pits tryin to be relevant today.

And the slave comments are just disgusting, Nas you are no where close to experiencing slavery and are spitting in the face of every Black man who actually had to live through that shit.

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And her younger sister knows Illmatic. And not because of me. Talking about music for a specific age group is nonsense… Look at Sade, or any other established artist outside of Hip-Hop, shit. I work in the film business.'The Mack' should have put him up with Fred Williamson and Richard Roundtree as a major black star, but for some reason his career never took off, despite his obvious charisma and co-writing and co-producing the hugely successful 'Cleopatra Jones'.

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nas speaks on ghost writing companies

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