Is 3110 lab 7

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Is 3110 lab 7

Major Requirements The requirements for the cognitive science major include 40 level or above credits, no more than 21 of which may be taken in any one department.

There are several level courses that are required preparation for the level and above requirements. These courses should be taken during the first four semesters and may fulfill general education requirements.

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A maximum of six level or above transfer credits may count toward the major with approval of advisor. Students must earn a grade of C- 1. Students and advisers may find this Workflowy document helpful for navigating the course requirements of the major. Mouse over a course, and click the plus to its left to see its prereqs.

Can include core courses not needed to satisfy the core course requirement.

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In this event, two electives are required. Competency and Writing Requirements The exit requirements for computer technology and information literacy will be met by satisfaction of the Research Methods Requirement.

The exit requirements for writing in the major are met by taking any W course on the Plan of Study.

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Students in the program will have an advisor and an associate advisor, each in different departments contributing to the cognitive science program. Students will consult with both of them to plan a course of study.

For forms relating to adding, changing or dropping majors and minors click here. Find below the Plans of Study for the Cognitive Science major. Plans are arranged by catalog year.

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Is 3110 lab 7

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Cognitive Science explores the process and content of thought as observed in individuals, distributed through communities, manifested in the structure and meaning of language, modeled by algorithms, and contemplated.

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