Informative speech about global warming

To inform my audience about 3 major causes of global warming.

Informative speech about global warming

Thank you so much. Everybody, please be seated. And my first announcement today is that you should all take off your jackets. It is good to be back on campus, and it is a great privilege to speak from the steps of this historic hall that welcomed Presidents going back to George Washington.

I want to thank him for hosting us. I want to thank the many members of my Cabinet and my administration. I want to thank Leader Pelosi and the members of Congress who are here.

We are very grateful for their support. And I want to say thank you to the Hoyas in the house for having me back. It was important for me to speak directly to your generation, because the decisions that we make now and in the years ahead will have a profound impact on the world that all of you inherit.

On Christmas Eve,the astronauts of Apollo 8 did a live broadcast from lunar orbit. So Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, William Anders -- the first humans to orbit the moon -— described what they saw, and they read Scripture from the Book of Genesis to the rest of us back here.

And later that night, they took a photo that would change the way we see and think about our world. It was an image of Earth -— beautiful; breathtaking; a glowing marble of blue oceans, and green forests, and brown mountains brushed with white clouds, rising over the surface of the moon.

And while the sight of our planet from space might seem routine today, imagine what it looked like to those of us seeing our home, our planet, for the first time. Imagine what it looked like to children like me. Even the astronauts were amazed. Now, scientists had known since the s that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide trap heat, and that burning fossil fuels release those gases into the air.

But in the late s, the National Weather Service began measuring the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, with the worry that rising levels might someday disrupt the fragile balance that makes our planet so hospitable. That science, accumulated and reviewed over decades, tells us that our planet is changing in ways that will have profound impacts on all of humankind.

The 12 warmest years in recorded history have all come in the last 15 years. Last year, temperatures in some areas of the ocean reached record highs, and ice in the Arctic shrank to its smallest size on record -- faster than most models had predicted it would.

Now, we know that no single weather event is caused solely by climate change. Droughts and fires and floods, they go back to ancient times. The potential impacts go beyond rising sea levels. Here at home, was the warmest year in our history. Midwest farms were parched by the worst drought since the Dust Bowl, and then drenched by the wettest spring on record.

Western wildfires scorched an area larger than the state of Maryland. Just last week, a heat wave in Alaska shot temperatures into the 90s.

And we know that the costs of these events can be measured in lost lives and lost livelihoods, lost homes, lost businesses, hundreds of billions of dollars in emergency services and disaster relief.

Firefighters are braving longer wildfire seasons, and states and federal governments have to figure out how to budget for that.

I had to sit on a meeting with the Department of Interior and Agriculture and some of the rest of my team just to figure out how we're going to pay for more and more expensive fire seasons.

Farmers see crops wilted one year, washed away the next; and the higher food prices get passed on to you, the American consumer. Mountain communities worry about what smaller snowpacks will mean for tourism -- and then, families at the bottom of the mountains wonder what it will mean for their drinking water.

Americans across the country are already paying the price of inaction in insurance premiums, state and local taxes, and the costs of rebuilding and disaster relief.Mar 01,  · This Site Might Help You.

RE: i need an attention grabber for a informative speech on global warming? I have to make a presentation of an informative speech on the causes, effects and measures to control global warmingStatus: Resolved. Feb 26,  · Global warming appears to be quite a controversial issue and a number of possible aspects can be studied.

One can pay attention to global warming causes (industrial progress, pollution etc.) and the effects, which are triggers, such as climate . Global warming Global warming is the most concerning problem of our time. Global warming is the process in which the Earth’s temperature starts increasing; it is caused mostly by human activities, especially industrialization, and pollution that are killing the Earth by emitting greenhouse gas to the atmosphere.

The effect Of global warming driving animals into extinction B. A rise in he amount of extreme weather disasters. The change it will cause to the earth in the future Connect with the Audience: Do you think Global Warming poses a threat to you?

According to National Geographic Average temperatures have climbed 1. 4 degrees. The global warming speech you will find below discusses a topic close to the hearts of many of us. This speech isn't written to persuade or motivate the audience to do anything about the effects of global warming. It is an informative speech, only meant to .

Informative speech-global warming.

Informative speech about global warming

Read; To inform my audience about 3 major causes of global warming. I. The first major cause of global warming is the increased consumption of meat. A. By eating meat we are killing the planet little by little.

Since meat comes from farm transporting the food is no easy task.

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