India economic slowdown essay help

Factors for slowdown of Indian economy, suggestions for its improvement The current scenario in India is no better than a sinking ship. The continuous fall in rupee, the slow growth rate of a decade and the inflation are signs to dooming economy.

India economic slowdown essay help

When Modi assumed the office of the prime minister, it appeared that all the celestial forces had conspired to make him succeed.

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Unfortunately, two decisions, although well intended, went against the government, plunging GDP growth to 5. First, the demonetization of Rs and Rs notes late last year, which had aimed to weed out black money useless, backfired. Click here to subscribe for full access. This defeated the stated objective of the scheme.

Although the government is collecting information on such illegal india economic slowdown essay help, it will take years before the culprits are brought to book.

The GST, meanwhile, was a well intended scheme to eliminate multiple tax structures by introducing a single tax. It was felt that the GST would simplify the tax structure and encourage foreign direct investment into India.

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GST is a big ticket reform and will take few years before industry realizes its benefits. Many economists have predicted that over the long term GST will translate into boosting GDP growth by at least by one percentage point. He also blamed the government for not resolving the non-performing assets of public sector banks, which has extended bad loans to several industrialists.

Another criticism of the Modi government is that, even when GDP growth touched 9. According to estimates, against the 10 million jobs needed every year, the government managed to create onlyjobs in the last fiscal year.

There are two factors for this sorry state of affairs. That has adversely affected new job creation. Modi is aware of his waning influence and is taking steps to revive the economy by introducing certain supply-side structural reforms.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Economic Slowdown In India. Topics: Economics, India, Economy of India Pages: 2 ( words) Published: November 16, Corruption Is the Root Cause of Economic Slowdown in India Corruption is omnipresent. Short essay on economic slowdown in india 01 to , treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, regulation of the derivatives market when it passed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of In the storage short essay on economic slowdown in india industry, a commodity price bubble was created following the collapse in the housing bubble.

This took the wind out of the sails of the opposition, who were hoping that the poorly conceived demonetization effort would lead to a loss at the ballot box.

In fact, the election results exceeded even the expectations of the BJP.

india economic slowdown essay help

Modi has ensured that essential services, like providing gas cylinders, reach people who live in distant villages. Further, Modi should also be credited with several welfare schemes like Jan Dhan Yojna, which aimed at transferring subsidies directly into the bank accounts of the poor, thus eliminating the role of middlemen, who were siphoning off a substantial part of the subsidies.

Other initiatives, like linking Permanent Account Number PAN with Aadhar, mobile banking, and skill development, will soon start yielding results and will take India on a higher growth trajectory.

india economic slowdown essay help

In order to help public sector banks with mounting non-performing assets, the government has announced a bank recapitalization plan of Rs 2. One of the reasons for the lack of private investment is that most public sector banks had virtually stopped advancing loans to small and medium enterprises because of the drag of non-performing assets.

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This will boost private investment, which has been practically stagnant for the last two years. In sum, all is not lost to the government if it takes the necessary steps to increase its investment in infrastructural projects like building roads, power projects, and creating an enabling environment for attracting foreign investment by amending the labor laws, bringing land reforms, streamlining the administrative procedures, and undertaking fiscal consolidation, to name a few steps.

Last but not the least, the present dispensation should also strive for social cohesion. The recent overdrive by cow vigilantes, who have killed several people belonging to minority groups for transporting cows with the intention of slaughtering them.

In fact, cow slaughter has become the main livelihood of these communities. The prime minister criticized such intolerance, but he and his government did precious little to bring the culprits to book.8th Grade Essays Argumentative Essay Single Sex Scho Constructing Gendered S Essays Corruption Free India Es Essays Descriptive On Essays Essay On Extravag I Will Argue That Locke Believed That If You Remain The Same Person There Are Various The Slowdown In World Economy Words: Pages: 14 Formatting Help.

Corruption is omnipresent -?Corruption Is the Root Cause of Economic Slowdown in India Essay introduction. From micro-institutions to macro-institution, from local to government institutes each operated and continued to exist and flourish with its own set of corruption activities.

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Economic Slowdown In India Essay Economic slowdown in india essay 11st Street, East zip it takes a village academy nyc need someone to write my dissertation hypothesis on finance as soon as. Hindu nationalist thugs intimidate those who chide the government for straying from India’s secular tradition.” The prime minister should realize that economic growth at the cost of inclusive growth is bound to flounder, apart .

Sep 01,  · India’s economy continues to decelerate with the government’s estimate for first-quarter gross domestic product pegging growth at a quarter low of % in April-June. The reasons for the protracted slowdown — a slide of five straight quarters from % in March — are many and The Hindu.

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