Halloween writing activities for second graders

Handwriting Practice Sunday, January 21, Aloha friends!!

Halloween writing activities for second graders

This an adorable story about a little boy that comes to stay with his grandfather.

halloween writing activities for second graders

The boys is convinced they have monsters he hears noises at night and he and his grandfather build several traps trying to catch the elusive monsters.

The pictures are beautiful and I really liked them because they and the story were not frightening at all. After I read the story I give each student a copy of the jar, pretending that we have caught a monster and trapped it.

I ask students to draw and color a picture of their monsters. The kids LOVE this. Then the next day I model how to create a web about their monster.

I purposely keep the category bubble s blank so that we can brainstorm these together.

halloween writing activities for second graders

We create a list of possible categories to put on our web. The students then create their webs and then it is time to start out first drafts. I like using the webs because it is a great introduction to what paragraphs are.

We talk about what are the most important categories the reader needs to know. My students decided that the reader needed to know how we caught it and what it looks like, or a description. When students finish, they will write the final drafts on the lined jar paper and we will make a class book.

Below are pictures of the model writing that our class created as we wrote the Monster in a Jar story as well as the web we wrote from. Here is a picture of the web we created. Students brainstormed "categories" which would later turn into paragraphs. Description of the monster How the monster was caught How the monster is cared for Food the monster eats Here is the story.

I tried to zoom in so you could read the first page. Since I have only taught language arts, I was excited to be able to try this new activity! I looked and looked online and could not find any activity sheets that really meet my students needs and what I wanted to accomplish with this activity.

I enlisted the help of two parents. We did this right after recess during our math time so that parents could set up and spread out newspapers on the desks.Halloween Language Arts Ideas.

Fun Halloween Writing craftivity. If my teacher turned into a witch! Includes QR house, haunted house drawing, ghostly QR codes and more! {second, third, fourth graders} Find this Pin and more on Halloween Language Arts Ideas by Sweet Integrations.

See more. 10 Halloween Costume Ideas For English Teachers. When all was said and done there were close to pages of manipulatives, templates and posters!! The paper coins are set up so you can print double sided and have them with a front and back.

Note: For those of you just looking for the warm-up ideas, click on the links below to take you directly to them. Thanks for returning to this post and if you have a moment, let me know what you think. Second Grade Writing Activities.

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2nd Grade Writing Worksheets Learning how to express your thoughts in the written form and putting them forth in clear, crisp language is a detailed process that requires practice.

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