Gattaca why vincent has exceeded

His father named him Vincent Anton Freeman instead of Anton Freeman, not wanting a son with genetic defects to be named after him. Early Life Edit Vincents younger brother, Antonwho was born via genetic selection, surpassed him in many aspects when the two were young.

Gattaca why vincent has exceeded

I watched the movie Gattaca for the first time last night. A bit late I know, but one thing kind of stood out for me. At the beginning of the movie we learn that Vincent and his brother like to play a game called "Chicken".

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For those that have seen the movie you know what the game is all about. Because of this, he beats Vincent at chicken and everything elseevery single time.

Vincent eventually beats Anton at chicken, but Anton nearly drowns in the process. Not because of foul play, but because he spends all his energy swimming out and saves none for the return swim. Vincent turns back to rescue his brother, swimming them both safely back into shore.

Vincent leaves home soon after. A bit of back story about Vincent: He is repeatedly told he never will because he is not genetically superior he has a heart condition and is told he will die around the ripe old age of 30, among other issues.

After beating his brother who is genetically superior at chicken he realises that he can beat the genetically superior and he sets off on his journey to become an Astronaut.

Gattaca why vincent has exceeded

Basically he will do anything to reach his dream. Skip to the end of the film, Vincent and Anton play chicken one more time.

Vincent calls him a pussy and they keep swimming.


This is how I did it, Anton: I never saved anything for the swim back. During the swim back, Vincent is paddling on his back with Anton in his arms while looking up at the sky.

Then, suddenly, the next scene begins - Vincent is back in a parking lot and leaning against the car of his romantic interest. The movie ends a couple minutes later with him in a space ship, rocketing into outer space. But what happened to his brother? This is the thing that bothers me.

Are we meant to assume that Vincent rescued him after saying he never saved anything for the swim back? So now you know what happens, my theory is this: Vincent never saves his brother the second time.

He lets him drown. He decided to let his brother drown in order to achieve his dream. TL;DR - Vincent lets his brother drown during their game of chicken in order to achieve his dream of going into space because he only has enough energy to rescue himself.Why does Dr.

Lamar go along with Vincent's deception up vote 15 down vote favorite At the end of Gattaca, the dialog is pretty clear that Dr.

Lamar, who does all the urine-based genetic verification, has a son who admires Vincent's persona as Jerome and that clearly is the reason he does nothing to stop Vincent; indeed, he urges him to board.

Gattaca is a science fiction film written and directed by Andrew Niccol. It is about a man's struggle to follow his dream despite being pre-determined by the society in which he lives to not be able to achieve it.

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A Few Thoughts from Einstein "It is appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." Do you think Vincent ever accepts his limitations?

I watched the movie Gattaca for the first time last night.

Gattaca why vincent has exceeded

A bit late I know, but one thing kind of stood out for me. jump to content. my subreddits People that commit fraud in the real world don't get a free pass so why should Vincent. The mission would go on yes, but Vincents place would most likely just be replaced with one of the.

As Vincent moves through the Gattaca complex to the launch site, he is stopped for an unexpected DNA test. Vincent reluctantly agrees to take the test, even though he has none of Jerome's genetic material to hide his identity.

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