Exploring the advantages of capital punishment

Although not all crimes are punishable by death, there are strong opinions shared by both pro-death penalty and anti-death penalty supporters.

Exploring the advantages of capital punishment

Exploring the advantages of capital punishment

And what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of capital punishment? Ruby, United States Capital punishment is simply punishment by death. With capital punishment, the offender or one who has committed a crime is punished by being put to death.

The manner of death the offender suffers can come in a variety of ways. The capital punishment is the same as the death penalty. For example, in New Zealand, a recent poll showed that 55 percent of the people in that country oppose the practice of the capital punishment. But in South Africa, a poll found out that 76 percent of young South Africans support the death penalty and want it to be re-introduced in their country.

Presently the death penalty or capital punishment has been abolished all over South Africa. So why are some people in favor of the death penalty whereas others are against it? This means there must be some positive and negative aspects of it, which is what we are going to take a look at in this article.

The advantages of the capital punishment death penalty Supporters of the practice of capital punishment give so many reasons why capital punishment should not be abolished. Among the many reasons they give include the following: Capital punishment or the death penalty is arguably the greatest deterrent.

The purpose of punishment is to serve as a deterrent to others who would like to follow the footsteps of the one being punished. No one wants to die.

So criminals are deterred from committing certain heinous crimes if they know that they will face the death penalty if caught. The practice of the death penalty reduces the number of very grave criminal activities in society. Some of these grave criminal activities include murder, terrorism, armed robbery, etc.

This is because criminals or potential criminals are afraid of death. It is true that some very hardened criminals are beyond reformation. When a person is beyond reformation, nothing can change that person — not even sentencing the person to prison.

Let us take a hardened serial killer for instance. Nothing can change such a person. No matter how many years he or she is sentenced to prison, he or she cannot change. The only thing the law can do to protect innocent citizens from such a dangerous individual is to execute him or her.

Exploring the advantages of capital punishment

This is another reason why the death penalty is very important. With the presence of capital punishment, society is able to wipe out hardened criminals from society. Another argument for the capital punishment is the fact that it lessens the amount of money spent by the government on feeding certain criminals who are beyond reformation and who are of no use to the world.

Prison is meant to keep bad people away from the general population, but as we all know, there are certain instances where prisoners break out of prison and end up never being caught by the police.

Now imagine if a prolific and hardened serial killer manages to escape from prison. Such a person would end up mixing into the general population and continue killing people. Here, it is obvious that it would have been very reasonable for authorities to have given him the capital punishment instead of letting such a person live and making the tax payer keep spending money in feeding and clothing him only for him to escape at the end of the day and continue killing innocent people.

The death penalty is the only logical way to handle such hardened criminals. A typical example of such a case was that of American serial killer Ted Bundy who escaped from prison and went on to kill more people.

Supporters of the death penalty say that such people should be killed instantly. There are certain times where families and friends of victims of murder can only get some peace when they see the killers facing the death penalty.Advantages (Merits) 1.

The Swords Stand Ready. Capital punishment ensures that persons engaged in any act of heinous crime including, murder, war crime, sexual violence, espionage, human trafficking or treason can see the punishment above their heads and make efforts to stop it.

Nov 19,  · Do you think capital punishment should be abolished? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of capital punishment (death penalty).Reviews: 4. Home List of Pros and Cons List of 10 Biggest Death Penalty Pros and Cons.

Should Capital Punishment be Abolished?

List of 10 Biggest Death Penalty Pros and Cons. Death penalty, also known as capital punishment is a legal process where the state sends a death row inmate to execution as a punishment for a grave offense committed.

14 Main Advantages and Disadvantages of. Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Death Penalty Law.

Benefits of Capital Punishment | Novelguide Share1 13 Shares From the Code of Hammurabi in Christianity to demolition of ahimsa in Hinduism, nearly all historical, religious and holy textures say that crime must be evicted from a country else the population gets infiltrated. Originated in 11th century, capital punishment or death penalty today a practice of the law operated in 56 countries in different forms for different crimes.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Capital Punishment (Death Penalty) | Soapboxie Everybody has its own point of view on the suitability of this punishment, which often grows into a never ending debate.
10 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Death Penalty | ashio-midori.com Capital punishment, is the execution of criminals by the state, for committing crimes, regarded so heinous, that this is the only acceptable punishment.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Capital Punishment (Death Penalty) | Soapboxie The state punishes the accused for the crime committed by putting them to death.

The death penalty is a type of capital punishment in which the accused is put to death as punishment for the crime he committed. The de. Capital punishment, also dubbed the "death penalty," is the planned taking of a human life by a government in response to a crime committed by that legally convicted person.

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Passions in the United States are sharply divided and run equally strong among . Advantages. It is an excellent deterrent.

Knowing that they could be killed for a crime is likely to stop them from committing it; The death penalty removes dangerous people like serial killers from society to make it a safer place.

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