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In the season, the Aquinas College "Tommies" become "the Saints" after African-American athletes were taunted on the road for being "Toms. Emeritus College begins in late with an exploratory program of seminars aimed at seniors led by professor Ken Marin. It soon becomes clear that seniors do not want programs focused solely on retirement issues but have a wide-ranging interests in the arts, politics and other academic topics.

Eastown hardware case

Origin[ edit ] The F. Woolworth, as the stores popularly became known, was one of the first American retailers to put merchandise out for the shopping public to handle and select without the assistance of a sales clerk. Earlier retailers had kept all merchandise behind a counter and customers presented the clerk with a list of items they wished to buy.

The store failed and closed in Mayafter Frank earned enough money to pay back William Moore. Frank soon made a second attempt, and opened his "Woolworth's Great Five Cent Store", using the same sign, on June 21,in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lancaster proved a success, and Frank never forgot the city for the rest of his life.

Frank wanted to open a second store in Harrisburg, Pennsylvaniaand so he asked his brother Charles Sumner "Sum" Woolworth to join him by managing it.

After a falling-out with the landlord, that store moved to York, Pennsylvaniaopening in March That store did not last long either, closing three months later. Frank searched for a larger, low-rent building.

Sum spent a lot of time working the sales floor, talking with customers and employees.

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He often personally served customers. Byat Frank's suggestion, Sum bought out his brother's share of the Scranton store in two installments, in January and This made Sum the first Woolworth Bro's franchisee.

Fred had been working as the head of wholesale operations at Augsbury and Moore of Watertown, New York. Fred managed the new store and, while sales were initially poor, the store soon caught on. By he used his profits to buy out Sum and expand the store under his name; Sum and Fred remained the best of friends.

During this time, Frank was expanding with more stores. Sum's approach was different; he worked to perfect the look and feel of his Scranton store.

It had mahogany counters with glass dividers and glass-fronted showcases. The store was brightly lit, new, and the wooden floor was polished to a lustrous shine.

The layout was soon adopted by Frank for his F. Woolworth stores and became the standard as the two brothers persuaded family members and former co-workers from Moore's to join them in forming a "friendly rival syndicate" of five-and-ten-cent stores.

Each of the syndicate chain's stores looked similar inside and out, but operated under its founder's name.

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Frank Woolworth provided much of the merchandise, encouraging the rivals to club together to maximize their inventory and purchasing power. At the same time, using his preference to have someone he could trust, Frank brought in their cousin, Seymour H. Seymour had been managing a general store in Michigan.

Between andmembers of the Woolworth Syndicate followed Frank's lead to incorporate their businesses; Sum maintained that he did not need to incorporate his stores.

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In the syndicate agreed to a scheme crafted by Frank Woolworth: Woolworth Company" in a merger of all stores. They all swallowed their pride and accepted Frank's name above the door, with Frank as President of the new Corporation. Knox's chain grew to 98 U.

Sum Woolworth continued to maintain his home base in Scranton, PA.Eastown International Industrial Limited: Business Type: Manufacturer Industry(s): Decorative Accents Founded in , Eastown International Industrial Ltd.

aims .

Eastown hardware case

Masterson Ace Hardware - Elida Rd, Elida, OH. This 12, SF Retail is for sale on ashio-midori.com Large retail building located near intersection of Elida and East.

Ada also is located at the confluence of the Grand and Thornapple rivers, which provide plenty of opportunity for paddling, fishing, and other water-based recreation.

Eastown hardware case

Best of Both Worlds That's just the sort of rustic quality of life that continues to attract residents like the Wingo family. If you'd like to share it with us so you can take advantage of Facebook Login, you can update your Facebook permissions to give us access to your email.

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