Comparing and contrasting odysseus and percy

Posted on September 24, by brianpfaff Between the two heroes Achilles and Odysseus there are several similarities and differences. In this post I will go through each character and compare and contrast them.

Comparing and contrasting odysseus and percy

The two poems depict this hero in very different ways. Odysseus and Ulysses differ in their opinion of home and their desire to travel, but, interestingly enough, they both exhibit similar curiosity.

In both the poem by Homer and the one by Tennyson, the hero must travel the unexplored land and meet the locals. Comparing and contrasting odysseus and percy Odysseus and Ulysses want to learn what they do not yet know, to discover how other people live and what they are like.

This difference between the two portrayals of this mythic figure makes us wonder why. While this is hardly a pleasant image, Odysseus still wishes to sail on that sea because it is his only means of returning home.

This is what drives Odysseus, his desire to reach home. He has a final goal; he travels in order to reach home, which means that he desires the end more than the journey itself. On the other hand, Tennyson presents a hero who practically disdains home, instead yearning for travel and adventure.

Ulysses seems to have reached home, but in the poem, we see him continuing his journey after his nostos. Even the idea of a final destination seems distasteful to this hero: He seems to have a persistent longing to travel, to constantly move, to unknown places.

He has a restlessness lacking in Odysseus. He explores several islands in order to appease his own curiosity: He wonders about similar questions whenever he comes across new and uncharted territory.

The focus in this passage rests on the nature of the unknown men. More than the place itself, Odysseus wants to learn about the people who inhabit it, whether they are like him or not.

Do they worship the gods? Establish and follow laws? Eat bread like he does? Basically, Odysseus wants to know what the people are like wherever he goes because each new shore is entirely unknown at first.

Thus, Odysseus knows immediately that Polyphemus does not worship Zeus properly because Zeus protects guest. His realization, though quick, does not happen soon enough to protect members of his crew from being eaten by the Cyclops. Ulysses has met people who establish councils and governments, which implies that they live by laws unlike the independent, ungoverned Cyclopes of The Odyssey.

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However, Tennyson does not reveal any more information, so we are left wondering if, like the Phaeacians, these other men are fundamentally different from or problematic for the hero. In other words, the Phaeacians back away from conflict, confrontation, and competition, which, as a warrior, is problematic for Odysseus.

Stanford explains in his book that the appearance of the predicted death of Odysseus stems from a misunderstanding of the text: Homer implied that Ulysses would die quietly and in Ithaca amid the prosperity of his people.

Even in his old age, the hero is as restless as ever: This ceaseless journey is simultaneously sad and heartwarming because we know what Ulysses could have had, what Tiresias predicts for him, but he apparently does not accept that peaceful death at home: The poet of The Odyssey was bound by the mythic tradition: Odysseus must make it home safely and die at an old age.

Therefore, unlike Odysseus who, above all else, wants to restore his household, Ulysses longs for knowledge more than he longs for the stasis of domestic life.

Comparing and contrasting odysseus and percy

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Answered by GUCCl. Compare and contrast two different film versions of Homer’s epic “The Odyssey: Ulysses” () by Mario Camerini and “The Odyssey” () by Andrei Konchalovsky. Compare and contrast Aeneas with Odysseus keeping in mind their cultural differences.

Poetry: Comparison and Contrast “Come closer, famous Odysseus – Achaea’s pride and glory – The comparison/contrast essay multiplies the task times two and requires that students show another dimension of organization and development in the essay. Comparing Achilles and Odysseus. Odysseus was renowned for both his brain and his brawn.

He was also had bravery, and competence at his skills. However, for a comparison and contrast, the thesis could be "Although both use the same story line and offer similar game play, the newest version of the game differs from the older game in terms of characters, technical specifications and price," indicating the .

Odysseus and his son Telemachus are the only two characters in "Odyssey" to significantly develop over the course of the story. While Telemachus is not as strong a leader as his father, both characters are courageous and intelligent.

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