Clinique business plan

Marketing plan Fall Mission Statement 1. The mission statement for Clinique as a part of Estee Lauder Companies says: The concept of a 3-step skin care system and how it relates to the target market. Clinique was created inthe idea that women take an active approach to their own skin care was new.

Clinique business plan

They question whether the plan is as clear as it could be and if they have covered all the important points that investors want to see. They want to make it as good as it can possibly be. One approach is to ask experienced business associates to critique the plan and provide suggestions about how it can be improved.

Read the plan through at least twice. Just try to absorb as much information as you can. The second time through, begin making notes about sections that seem unclear or incomplete. Clinique business plan like an investor. As you review the plan, ask yourself whether this business looks like a good investment.

Can we make money? Perhaps it has a labor cost advantage over competitors, for example.

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Analyze the benefits of the products or services. Evaluate the management team. Ask yourself whether you believe this team is capable of executing the business strategy outlined in the plan.

Does the team look complete? Look for gaps in talent or experience that need to be addressed by bringing additional managers aboard. Determine whether the capabilities of the team match up well with the requirements for success in this industry. Check the assumptions for the financial projections.

Make sure the entrepreneur has provided easy-to-follow logic behind the numbers. You should be able to take the revenue assumptions and duplicate the calculations presented.

Clinique Marketing Strategy by Joelle Michaela Davis - Issuu

Entrepreneurs tend to present overly optimistic revenue and profit projections. Look for areas where costs were underestimated or omitted altogether. Determine whether the projected revenue growth, particularly in the first two years, seems realistic.

clinique business plan

Tip Check for grammatical and spelling errors. The entrepreneur is so close to the plan document that it is easy for him to overlook common errors in grammar or spelling. Finding a lot of these can be jarring to investors reading the plan and may even cast doubt about the credibility of the statements made in the document.

Warning The writing style of the plan is important, not just the content. Make sure the entrepreneur conveyed excitement for the venture and its potential. The plan is partially a sales document.

Look for a sense of urgency in the plan—that now is exactly the right time to be entering the market. The opportunity is emerging, and significant. References 1 Small Business Administration:HORIBA Medical QHSE Policy. The ISO (Quality Management Standard) is the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of applies to the processes that create and control the products and services an organisation supplies.

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