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Neopolitan, [1] also known as Neo, is an antagonist, as well as an associate of Cinder Fall and formerly Roman Torchwick. Her weapon of choice is an umbrella with a concealed blade. She first appeared in " Painting the Town

Business plan icon png scythe

Shocking evidence of political corruption involving the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Campaign, and the campaign's manager, John Podesta among many other partiesemerged. The media bias in support of Clinton and against any of her rivals was unprecedented.

Never once have Wikileaks releases been proven to be fake. These emails are forensically linked to the accounts and devices of the parties in question.

business plan icon png scythe

No one has denied the validity of the emails. As researchers began to review the material, in addition to evidence of bribery "pay to play" and collusion, they found hundreds of disturbing emails that used what was obviously coded language.

What was John Podesta doing misplacing a handkerchief with a pizza-related map on it? What was a Department of Justice child trafficking employee doing requesting some Haitian pizza with extra cheese? Why was John Podesta excitedly anticipating enjoying the pleasures of sharing a hot tub with the daughters of an associate, ages 7, 9, and 11?

Researchers were intrigued and began to study the social media presence of people named in the emails. Highly disturbing images and comments were found at Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: Images of children's coffins, 3 year old girls with their hands restrained in sexually suggestive positions, babies that were called retarded whores, price tags placed on babies, artwork featuring gang rapes of young children, music groups discussing approvingly of the sexual preference for young children, pedophilia symbolism everywhere, and so forth.

A pizza shop owner, and the 49th most powerful person in Washington, D. Alefantis is a high level democratic party operative, having met with the President several times in the past few years. The Clinton Foundation has a Haitian child rescue center across the street from Alefantis' pizza shop.

There are reportedly underground tunnels connecting these facilities and possibly to the White House itself, as D. Making matters even worse, John Podesta, and many of the other parties named in the emails, is involved in "spirit cooking," which is a Satanic, occult practice of feeding off the life force of others, especially young people.

In public they paint with blood and semen, hold mock sacrifices, and even bake cakes in the form of children to be reverentially eaten. It is rumored that private ceremonies, attended by only inner circle initiates, can be shockingly real. In corroboration of researchers' concerns, at the same time of the email releases, Wikileaks also released FBI documents that defined various pedophilia jargon and symbols that allow pedophiles to communicate without the referent of their discussions being obvious to the naive masses.

The scandal pursued by the online research community became known as PizzaGate, as the pedophile lingo for underage sex is "pizza," and sex with a very young child is called, "cheese pizza. Politically, many important things developed in November and December One is that parties named in the emails and social media postings were silent and either closed or set to private their media accounts.

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Not once did any of these people attempt to defend or explain themselves. Another is that the Obama administration and major media launched a campaign against "fake news," stating their wish to shut down the websites that promoted outrageous conspiracy theories such as a child sex trafficking ring involving the Washington, D.

Of course, the weak hit pieces put out by the Washington Post and New York Times did not print the text of the actual emails and social media posts, nor did they reproduce the irrefutably disturbing photographs. The corporate media created a strawman and proceeded to debunk it.

At the same time, instead of focusing on the content of the revelations, the U.

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Finally, in an effort to prove the danger of "fake news," democratic operatives contrived a false flag shooting where an out of work crisis actor was employed to bring a rifle into Comet Ping Pong and Pizza, owned by James Alefantis, in a search for abused children, firing one round that suspicously destroyed nothing except Alefantis' computer hard drive.

The crisis acting continued into the evening, with a shady attorney stating that he was there with his three young children when the rifleman came in, angrily claiming that it was due to the "fake news" of the site Infowars that people were being incited to violence, this despite Infowars barely touching the subject due to fears of lawsuits or worse, and certainly not calling for an armed response.

I and other reasonable people who have reviewed the evidence are calling for an official investigation into PizzaGate by law enforcement. The informal investigation to date has revealed much damning evidence.

While there is a great deal of smoke here, no photos or testimonies of eye witnesses have been produced fingering John Podesta in actual acts of child sacrifices, or underage sex and lesser forms of abuse. However, associates of Podesta e.

There is more than sufficient circumstantial evidence to warrant a broad law enforcement investigation of PizzaGate.

The common citizen does not have the legal authority to subpoena, wiretap, search computers, et cetera. I have no doubt that child sex trafficking occurs in Washington, D.Business Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us Is it available for Windows Vista or Windows 7?

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Discover new music on MTV. Aug 26,  · So, my favorite characters this far: Xena, Gallahad, and Andy.

business plan icon png scythe

(I like Andy because of ashio-midori.comality, and that he has the same name as me.:T) I had a damn heart attack in that. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The Beebâ  s then business reporter, Jeff Randall, was more than usually excited about the deal, telling the nation that Abramovich, whom he described blankly as â  one of the.

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