Birzeit pharmaceutical company business plan 2009 honda

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Birzeit pharmaceutical company business plan 2009 honda

Birzeit pharmaceutical company business plan 2009 honda is the story of a young man who, like all people looking for better life opportunities around the world, became fascinated about a country he heard some friends describe as the land of fortune.

birzeit pharmaceutical company business plan 2009 honda

When I first read it in a local newspaper, I could not believe it. Those who are banned from travel then can still renew their passports. I felt this news is funny because of the contradictions it holds. An attempt should be made for those who have travel bans - citizens and expatriates - to solve their problems and then help them remove this ban to manage their affairs and travel.

Most of those under travel bans have debt problems and of course, sometimes you need to sympathise with these people because they are victims of credit companies or had emergencies back home and with the little money they make here, they were forced to take a loan and failed to pay it back with the usual interest.

So they became prey to debts and eventually banned from travel. All these problems need solutions and a travel ban will not end it.

I wish to see more human rights activists and officials from the ministry of social affairs get in a round table discussion about debts among expats and what led them to be involved in financial problems and what should be the role of official authorities to confront this issue because they deal with the consequences like travel bans.

Expatriate victims are our responsibility too.

I also think when these expats go back home empty-handed, they need to explain why and maybe they are in debt there as well. By Dr Salah Al-Otaiqi Unemployment problem U nemployment is a universal problem that is found in almost every society, be it advanced or developing.

In the meantime, efforts are ongoing in all parts of the world to deal with unemployment, but realizing at the same time that this problem cannot be completely eliminated. There is no society that does not have at least one person without a job, but what societies can do is reduce unemployment rates by finding alternatives, especially in the form of providing job opportunities to young people.

Unemployment usually becomes a major problem in developing countries that struggle to find economic alternatives that create new jobs. Unemployment is a problem with economic, psychological, security, political and social effects which increase when the victims are the youth who have ambitions to launch their careers and start their own families.

Instead, these systems further contribute to the unemployment problem and can lead to instability that sparks a revolution of young people frustrated from lack of change. Population statistics in the Arab World give frightening realities about unemployment among young people.

A United Nations report in indicates that the unemployment rate in Arab countries has reached 16 percent, or 20 million people.

birzeit pharmaceutical company business plan 2009 honda

In Kuwait, government statistics indicate that unemployment has reached 4. The percentage continues to rise despite hirings in the public sector, as these take place simultaneously with the increasing number of university recruits annually which lead to higher rates of graduates looking for government jobs.

State departments in the meantime have become incapable to take in new graduates to their already overcrowded facilities. This often leads many job hopefuls to end up in jobs they know nothing about because they are outside their field of study.

Can the government create jobs while continuing with the same approach of hiring every university graduate? There is no doubt that the future of employment is at risk, and that it is impossible for the government to continue with the current approach.

Instead, the government needs a new strategy that takes into account integrated steps of finding a solution to unemployment problems, creating economic alternatives, refocusing education to serve the labor market, and using the example of other countries such as Singapore and Malaysia and how they ended their respective unemployment problems.

Ministers change, but the miserable situation of these workers remains the same. But in order to do this, he needed money to get a passport, buy tickets, pay the sponsor, medical tests, etc.

He has no other choice but to sell everything he had and even borrow some money with hopes of repaying it after reaching the promised land of wealth. The moment he reached the airport, the man was taken to a basement where he waited with other workers for their sponsor or a representative of the company that hired him.

After the procedures were complete, he was handed over to the company, after which he woke up to realize that the dream he worked so hard to achieve was actually a nightmare. The man in this story is considered lucky compared to people brought to Kuwait to work as shepherds under the scorching sun.

We often see them in the desert by the sides of roads on our way to the chalets, grazing livestock without shade or even cold water; a situation that conveys absolute no mercy from their sponsors.BRIEF-CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Announces Drug Registration Approval Of "Paclitaxel For Injection (Albumin-Bound)" AM UTC BRIEF-Rongfeng And Related Party Plan To Acquire Stake In National.

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