Barangay profile information system

Data provided by this system in the form of comprehensive reports are invaluable for planning, program implementation and related purposes. Automatic Business Processes — among the basic components of BMS is its automatic assessment feature which facilitates processing of community tax dues, professional tax, barangay clearance fees and other such charges which are sources of barangay revenues. The system also allows for other barangay-related functions such as those including security and peace-keeping operations such as incident reporting, blotter, reports and records of the barangay peace-keeping council, and other related services.

Barangay profile information system

Etymology[ edit ] The entire region of Navotas was once part of Malabon. According to one legend, the long and narrow delta extended unbroken from north to south along the seashore.

The strip of land between the former district of Tondo, Manila and this town was eaten away by the sea until an opening was made. Water began to flow through the opening. The geographical change prompted the people to refer to the place as "butas", "nayon ng butas", or "nabutas", a Tagalog word that means breached or pierced through.

What began as a natural channel developed into a regular waterway, now known as the Navotas River. In later years, the place came to be known as "Nabotas", then "Navotas".

It was also known as Hacienda de Navotas; it was once owned by the Dominican friars until it was sold to the Pascual family during the early days of the American regime and developed into a residential estate.

San Jose de Navotas was the name given to the locality after its patron saint, Saint Joseph. On June 11,a "Superior Decreto" established a new parish and municipality under the supervision of Friar Matias Navoa. The populace was divided into two distinct groups, the naturales locals and the mestizos.

Mariano Estrellas was the gobernadorcillo petty governor of the naturales and Mariano Israel, of the mestizos. Today, because records are incomplete, recognition is only given to the gobernadorcillos for the mestizos.

August 6, — Navotas joined the revolutionary government of General Emilio Aguinaldo. June Barangay profile information system, — Navotas was eventually incorporated into the newly created province of Rizal enacted Act. Bernardo Dagala, a native of Navotas, was elected municipal president.

January 16, — Navotas finally became an independent municipality with the enactment of Act. January 16, - Navotas celebrated its centennial June 24, — Navotas became a highly urbanized city after a plebiscite was conducted. Origin and Historical Development Years ago, the town of Navotas was not known by its present name for it was only considered as part of Malabon.

The place appeared to be a long and narrow delta with a thick line of pandan leaves, which grew abundantly extending from north to south along the seashore.

It was believed that long ago, the town was not entirely surrounded by water. Old folks believed that the layer of land between the former district of Tondo, Manila and this town was probably soft and weak, such that the turbulent waters of the bay gradually eroded a portion of the land, until an opening was made.

Soon seawater begun to flow through its opening especially during high tide. At low tide, the waters from inland flowed out into the sea. This developed into a regular waterway, now known as the Navotas River. In later years, the whole place came to be known as Navotas.

On October 31,the residents of the three barrios nominated Don Bernabe Francisco to represent them in their fight for separation from Malabon.

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But the petition of the principales of the three barrios was shelved by the government on September 19, pending the putting up by the people of Navotas of a church, convent, and a town hall that symbolized their sincerity.

In spite of the determined efforts of the principales, their petition was again disapproved on August 19, Instead of being discouraged, the successive rebuff only served to prod them to work harder.

Finally, a document dated February 16, recorded the separation of barrios San Jose, Navotas, and Bangkulasi from Malabon. When the Philippine Revolution broke out inNavotas formally joined the revolutionary government of Gen.

Barangay profile information system

Emilio Aguinaldo on August 6, On June 11,the town of Navotas was incorporated into the newly created province of Rizal by virtue of Philippine Commission Act No. Inby virtue of the Philippine Commission Act No.

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Bernardo Dagala of Navotas fought for the separation of Navotas from Malabon, finally, Navotas gained full independence as a distinct municipality through the enforcement of the Philippine Commission Act No.

On Novemberin the exercise of emergency power during martial law of then President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Presidential Decree No. Today, Navotas, after a long wait, was proclaimed as a full-pledge city last June 24,upon obtaining 12, affirmative votes on a plebiscite.

As mandated by the Local Government Code ofthis LGU is also guided by various devolved, deconcentrated and concerned National Government Agencies likewise encouraging the support and participation of the Non-Government Organization on its undertaking towards national development.

It is a narrow strip of land with an aggregated shoreline of approximately 4. In the north, Navotas shares a common border with the town of Obando, Bulacanalong Sukol Creek which separates it from Balt.Forms and Reports – The system prepares and prints barangay permits and certifications (e.g.

Community Tax Certificate, Occupational permits, Barangay Clearance, etc.) as well as important reports such as Barangay Profile, Socio-Demographic Profile, Residents’ Census Information, etc. Chess games of Wesley So, career statistics, famous victories, opening repertoire, PGN download, discussion, and more.

Navotas (Filipino: Lungsod ng Navotas) is a city in the Philippines located north of Manila that is known as the Fishing Capital of the Philippines. The city has the third largest fish port in Asia and the largest in Southeast ashio-midori.comgh it was established on December 20, , Navotas celebrates its foundation day every January This is a system that will display the master list, profiles, populations, information’s about the Barangay, constituents and the certificate that is being required of the constituents this system has SMS support to broadcast information such as Barangay Assembly, Calamities, Search and Rescue ect.

Contains the electronic versions of 80 books previously published in hard copy as part of the Country Studies Series by the Federal Research Division. Intended for a general audience, books in the series present a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of .

Barangay Information System Essay Sample. The project is an action-research designed to come up with a model for enabling barangays to establish and maintain a Barangay Information System (BIS) for rural development planning and implementation.

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