Atmo 336 exam 2 study guide

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Atmo 336 exam 2 study guide

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Primary conformation of each other self concept; highly verbal and non Identify and explain each of the 5 relational de-escalation phases; Turmoil or Stagnation: Stagnation- loss of vitality, comm and contact decline De-intensification: Evaluative language causes defensiveness; making them the focus of the problem; "you" lang.

Descriptive communication focuses on the problem as separate from the other persons; "I" lang Self-disclosing emotions: In order to discuss and find a solution you have to use verbals effectively and PUGSS takes you through that process Identify and describe the 5 components of interpersonal conflict Expressed struggle: Interpersonal communication within groups of individuals.

This generally takes place in a context that mixes interpersonal interactions with social clustering Identify and explain 7 types of groups Primary: Exist to fulfill basic human needs Study: Provide treatment for problems Problem Solving: Solution to problem Focus: Asked to discuss an issue Social: Not together physically but connected via technology Define and differentiate task, social and individual roles in a group Task: Documented and formal standards must show up on time Norms: Informal, undocumented, and emerge from group process where you sit Define norms and how to identify group norms Norms: Define the functional approach to group communication key tasks and process roles that group must perform see 6 functions Identify the 6 functions effective group members perform Identify a clear goal: Helps group stay on task Gather and use info effectively: Remind the group what the goal is Ask questions to keep the group on task Seek out differences in opinion Try to involve everyone If you are aware of your communication you can tell when others are simply agreeing to agree and can successfully involve everyone Explain and differentiate the trait, functional, styles, situational, and transformational approaches to leadership Trait: Leaders influence each other with task help acomplish work and process help establish a positive climate functions Styles: Authoritarian direct and controlDemocratic input and involvement from othersand Laissez-faire intentionally influence others only when asked or directed by others to lead Situational: Influences based on shared vision and climate of trust Identify the 3 steps to managing meeting structure Determine meeting goals:PHYS Study Guide for Test #2 Chap 4,5,6,&7.

Atmo 336 exam 2 study guide

Format will be similar to Test #1, consists of regular questions, derivations, and problems. HIEU. SSC Combined Graduate Level Mains Exam Tier-II Guide Hindi.

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by University of New Orleans The temperature difference between two objects that are touching or the temperature difference from one end to the other within a single object.
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Study guide problems #1, #3 (do not study or create the histogram), #6, #7, and #8, also practice finding averages and standard deviations by hand (e.g., from a list of numbers calculate by hand using your calculator the average and standard deviation of the numbers).

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Three of the more difficult elements of interpersonal communicating are: a. H 2 O, CO 2, and other greenhouse gases selectively absorb IR radiation. The atmosphere in turn radiates IR radiation into space and back toward the ground.

The atmosphere in turn radiates IR radiation into space and back toward the ground. ATMO -- Exam 2 possible points Name_____ Multiple Choice Questions (Answer All 32 Questions) -- 3 Points Each.

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