Are the generals of ww1 donkeys essay

Important events in the war[ change change source ] British soldiers in a captured German trench Most people thought the war would be short. They thought the armies would move around quickly to attack each other and one would defeat the other without too many people getting killed.

Are the generals of ww1 donkeys essay

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Firstly, criticism of Haig by historians is not 'propaganda' - those such as Alan Clark in 'Donkeys' based their work on accepted historical research methodology, backing up their conclusions and arguments with contemporary documents and statistics. Secondly, it was the Germans, NOT the British whose trench lines were based on defence in depth, with lightly held forward areas the Hindenburg Line.

It was Haig who crowded all his men into the front line trenches to be killed by artillery barrages. By ,The British army was the largest on the Western Front,and as all the troops were in only 2 trench lines,they had far more rifles per mile of front line than the Germans,who,as noted above, held the front trenches with only a few men.

As for German respect for Haig, where did you get this idea from? The Germans were totally unaware of the French army mutinies inwhen FRench troops refused to take part in any more offensives; your statement that they 'refused duty' altogether is just not true;further, there were no German offensives on the Western Front inso its unsurprising that they therefore didn't breakthrough the British sector.

As for answering the question, yes he does.

Are the generals of ww1 donkeys essay

Firstly,Haig announced at the time the Somme was planned as a breakthrough battle, designed to end the war. After 4 months andcasualties, the British had captured a strip of land 20 miles long,and,at its greatest penetration,7 miles deep.

A week long artillery barrage designed to destroy the German defences failed to do so, in many places failing even to cut the barbed wire obstacles.

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Haig told his generals that all the troops would have to do was walk into the German position; instead, there were 60, casualties on the first day the worst in the history of the British army20, in the first hour.

General Plumer, who requested extra hospital trains to be moved up to near the front to cope with the casualties he expected, was refused by Haig, who cited his belief in the effectiveness of the artillery bombardment. Nevertheless, Haig continued the battle for another 4 months.

Only after the war, when it was discovered that the Germans had also suffered heavy casualties,did Haig claim the Somme was planned as a battle of attrition. Finally, if you want an indication of Haig's lack of ability,vision, and adaptability to modern warfare - inthe British army was planning to abandon the lance as the main cavalry weapon.

Haig complained loudly and bitterly,saying a cavalryman could not be expected to be effective on the battlefield without his lance.

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To claim Haig was efficient, able, or even competent as a commander in any way is utter nonsense, particularly when supported by arguments that are simply factually untrue.Apr 10,  · The phrase 'Lions led by donkeys" describing the British army in WW1, comes from the memoirs of German Field Marshall Von Falkenhayn (which I've also read),commander on the Western Front throughout - hardly 'praise' for Resolved.

The Silver Donkey, four tales Custom Essay In the Silver Donkey, discuss how and why the author uses the narrative device of the four ‘tales’ and the language . the battle of the somme was part of ww1 A major WW-1 Battle led by Sir Douglas Haig's attack with , troops on 1 July The German defenders totaled about , men in 16 Divisions.

Sep 06,  · Best Answer: I presume you have recently completed a History Unit encompassing the First World War.' Lions Led By Donkeys is designed to get you to put pen to paper and take sides Even for someone who is much older than you - there is no right/wrong Resolved.

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 Lions Led By Donkeys Ever since the end of WW1 in which was won by the British allies against the Germans it, has been hugely debated whether the famous interpretation 'Lions Led by Donkeys' is correct.

I am going to look at various peoples interpretations of this statement to . British Generals in the Great War Essay examples - British Generals in the Great War Ever since the first world war the quote 'lions led by donkeys' has been used to describe the British army, and refers to the brave troops as 'lions' that are being led by stupid 'donkey' generals.

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