11 summarise entitlement and provision for

In these proceedings, the Petitioner Susan Wilkinson seeks a declaration as to her marital status under s. On 26 Augustthe Petitioner and the first Respondent who were then and remain domiciled in England, went through a form of marriage, lawful and valid by the law of British Columbia which permits and recognises as valid marriages between persons of the same sex. Prior to that ceremony, the Petitioner and the first Respondent, who are both University professors, had been living together as a couple for thirteen years. Upon their return to the United Kingdom, and in advance of the coming into force of the Civil Partnership Act "CPA"the Petitioner, with the support of the first Respondent, instituted these proceedings, seeking a declaration that the marriage was a valid marriage at its inception and:

11 summarise entitlement and provision for

Ngcobo v standard Bank of South Africa and Others (D439/12) [2013] ZALCD 33 (25 September 2013)

Two aspects of the calculation should be noted: This is because all long service leave calculations are based on "calendar" rather than "working" weeks and months.

For example, an employee may have worked two days each week for eighteen months and then transferred to full-time employment, completing eight and half years' full-time service.

The employee would be entitled, under the new provisions, to two months' long service leave after ten years' service, but the payment for such leave would be less than the full-time rate by virtue of the proportionate reduction for part-time service.

It is therefore each 11 summarise entitlement and provision for responsibility to certify employees terms of service, accurately assess their entitlement, maintain adequate records of their application and its assessment, calculate correctly the monetary value of the employee's entitlement and make the necessary payment.

Long service leave records maintained at the hospital refer Heading "Records" [Page 3. Each hospital has the responsibility to make an assessment of an employee's entitlement to long service leave at the time of the employee's resignation or termination.

If employees have an entitlement they are to be paid for long service leave, subject to transferring to another New South Wales declared authority in terms of the Transferred Officers Extended Leave Act or a public hospital in New South Wales refer heading "Transferred Officers Extended Leave Act" [Page 3.

When assessing the individual long service leave entitlements of their employees, hospitals must pay careful attention to the following: Nurses should use form A49 when making their application and all other employees must use form A Sample pro forma applications forms are shown at Appendix G and Appendix H to this section.

These forms should be printed locally as they are not stocked at the Government Supply Office. Each application should be carefully checked, paying particular attention to the following aspects of the claim: Initially, the actual dates of any previous periods of employment should be confirmed.

Where the service is of a relatively recent period, records of the service should be available from the hospitals concerned in the form of pay and leave records, or group certificates.

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In the case of nursing staff, the two service record books should be enough. Care must be taken that periods of service do not overlap. Statutory declarations should only be accepted as a verification of former service when every other avenue of confirmation of the period of service has been thoroughly investigated.

Every attempt to confirm a period of service shown on a statutory declaration should be made before leave is granted.

Where employees have transferred to the hospital from another authority under the Transferred Officers Extended Leave Act, they must present documentary evidence of their previous service, showing the period of service, including their last day of actual service, any leave without pay, and any period of long service leave previously taken.

This document must be verified by the previous employer. An unconfirmed statement as to previous service is not acceptable.

The details of any previous long service leave taken by the employee must also be confirmed. Inquiries in this respect should be directed to any previous employers claimed by the applicant. The officer preparing the form is responsible for certifying that the necessary checks relating to previous service and payments have been carried out.

The claim must be checked thoroughly before payment is actually made and the responsibility for checking the claim should rest with a senior officer. When the period of service has been verified, the leave entitlement is to be calculated in accordance with the tables set out in Appendices A, C and D of this section.

In hospitals of less than 80 ADA claims for payment to Chief Executive Officers must be submitted to the Regional Director for checking and approval of entitlements prior to authorisation for payment.

Under the new provisions, employees with less than ten years' service are permitted to count only whole months and not any odd days of service towards their long service leave entitlement. Where the employee has had service in more than one hospital, however, the odd days of service in each hospital are taken into account by adding them together and determining how many additional whole months of service they represent.

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Any days left over after this calculation are then disregarded. For employees claiming long service leave under the old provisions, service is calculated in the same manner. After ten years' service, the new provisions allow for the actual odd days of service to be counted towards the employee's long service leave entitlement refer Appendix A [Page 3.

When the amount of leave due is calculated, it will be expressed in numbers of months' and days' leave.

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This entitlement must then be converted to a calendar period of leave and the appropriate payment calculated. There is a special method of doing this and in order to understand it, let us look at the following example: Calculations reveal that the employee is entitled to three months' six days' long service leave.Last July, the secretary of the Stockport National Association of Headteachers (NAHT),Jim Nicholson, asked to meet with GOVAS representatives to share some issues about governors and governance raised by Stockport Heads over the previous twelve months.

[page 3] 1 TERMS OF REFERENCE AND DEFINITIONS. Terms of reference of the Review. On 7 April , the Secretary of State for Education invited me to undertake a Review of the National Curriculum and of the framework for assessing pupils' progress.

ELIGIBILITY. The long service leave provisions for hospital employees are set out in the relevant Awards, the Long Service Leave Act , as amended, and the Transferred Officers Extended Leave Act , as amended. ELIGIBILITY.

11 summarise entitlement and provision for

The long service leave provisions for hospital employees are set out in the relevant Awards, the Long Service Leave Act , as amended, and the Transferred Officers Extended Leave Act , as amended. Back To TopIntroduction. Bingo is not given a statutory definition in the Act although two types of bingo are commonly understood.

cash bingo, where the stakes paid make up the cash prizes that are won; prize bingo, where various forms of prizes are won, not directly related to the stakes paid. The Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) provides expert and impartial advice about the education of service children.

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